Machete InternationalIndiaAfricaKnife crime in England and Wales has increased by 34 percent over the past decade, reaching whopping 45,000 offenses for the year ending March 2022.The UK Home Office said that under the government plan, machetes and zombie knives “with no practical use” could be banned in England and Wales, according to media reports.Furthermore, an increase in the maximum penalties for their possession and sale will be the subject of a public consultation.”The thugs wielding these deadly knives aim to terrorize their victims and the public, and too often even carry out horrific or fatal attacks. They are emboldened by the cowardly idea that carrying these blades inflates their own status and respect,” Home Secretary Suella Braverman said, as quoted by UK media.US Capitol Police Arrest Man With Knives, Machete Near Democratic National Committee HQ – Photos13 September 2021, 15:08 GMTAt present, possession of zombie knives and machetes is not illegal unless they have words or images that suggest they could be used for violence.In the UK, machetes and zombie knives are classified as offensive weapons under the Criminal Justice Act 1988.


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