View on water channel in Amsterdam, the NetherlandsInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Seven souvenir and tobacco shops in Amsterdam have been ordered to close for possessing and selling hemp joints illegally, Dutch newspaper reported on Thursday, citing the statement of the Amsterdam municipality. According to the report, a police investigation has uncovered that these shops possessed a significant quantity of hemp joints. The city said that the sale of these items is only allowed in coffee shops under strict health and safety regulations. The municipality noted that “trafficking, use and presence of drugs have a negative effect on public order” as it could lead to “insecurity for passers-by and local residents due to nuisance and the attraction of the store to criminal activity,” the media quoted the statement. WorldAmsterdam Launches New Campaign to Warn Off Unruly British Tourists29 March, 15:37 GMTThe shops rejected accusations that they violated any laws by selling any prohibited items, saying that referring to the items in question as “joints” was incorrect, a shops’ attorney told the newspaper.


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