Logo of the ‘My Export’ platform created by RECInternationalIndiaAfricaThe platform My Export will help to find markets on which digital goods, videos, 3D models and online courses may be sold, the Russian Export Center (REC, part of VEB.RF) has said.”With the help of the automatic ‘Select Marketplaces’ service, which is available on the My Export digital platform, Russian companies can now select a marketplace to sell goods such as photo and video materials, various print templates, 3D models, music and sound effects, fonts, online courses and much more,” the statement from the Russian Export Center (REC, part of VEB.RF) has said. Digital goods do not need to be physically produced and sent through logistics companies to the buyer. In addition, the entrepreneur does not need to scale it up. Once they have made a product, such as a printable template or a melody, they can reap income through sales over a long time. The cost of such products is also quite low.

"Today, not only leisure time but also work processes are going digital. The popularity of digital goods is growing day by day, not only in Russia, but all over the world, and with it the demand for such products. Therefore, we decided to extend the functionality of the marketplace selection service. There are now about 30 online marketplaces on which you can sell digital goods. These include the well-known international marketplace Etsy, which is more oriented towards the Western market, and its Asian analogue Pinkoi," explained REC Vice-President Alexey Solodov.

To select a marketplace for selling digital goods, it is necessary to select the codes of the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED) for each digital product in the service. To do this, you can use the guide – which will suggest the right code for each of the products. Once the service has suggested one or more sites, the entrepreneur can register there himself and place his goods. Alternatively, an expert can help. You can find one on the business-to-business (b2b) marketplace Export Professionals, using the service to create an account or place and promote on the marketplaces. The Select Marketplace service was launched in the autumn of 2021 and has since been used more than 6,000 times. Today there are 150 online channels available to sell goods, services and digital goods abroad. The automated service performs an analysis according to 30 criteria, including the features of the product being promoted, the preferences and plans of the exporter. The service enables a company to evaluate the sites that are most suitable for it. Furthermore, step-by-step instructions on how to register on the marketplaces can be found on the service.


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