The Twitter logo is seen at their headquarters on April 26, 2022 in downtown San Francisco, California.InternationalIndiaAfricaEarlier, the social network resumed selling Twitter Blue subscriptions, which allow users to confirm their account and get a blue tick.On 20 April 2023, Twitter began removing the blue ticks which showed that the service had confirmed that the account belonged to its owner rather than someone masquerading as him or her. The company’s chief executive Elon Musk decided to drop them because the way they were obtained was “corrupt and meaningless”, he said.Celebrities and high-profile figures such as singer Beyonce, billionaire Bill Gates, Pope Francis, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and others have also lost their ticks.The move comes as proprietor Elon Musk seeks to overhaul the social media company to turn a profit. Clients who wish to have a tice associated with their name must pay $84 per year (£67) to to Twitter Blue.WorldMusk Says Only Twitter Blue rs to Vote in Future Polls20 December 2022, 05:10 GMTTwitter Blue is a subscription service that allows users to get access to exclusive features such as Undo Tweets, Bookmark Folders, Reader Mode, and customizable app icons. Twitter Blue is aimed at users who are frequent tweeters and want additional functionality beyond the basic features of the platform. The service is designed to generate additional revenue for Twitter and provide users with a more personalized and streamlined experience on the platform.


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