A parking garage in New York’s Financial District that partially collapsed on April 18, 2023.InternationalIndiaAfricaAn explosion was reported in New York’s Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, possibly in connection with the collapse of a parking garage in the area.According to news reports, a parking garage located at 57 Ann Street between Nassau Street and William Street in Manhattan’s Financial District collapsed on Tuesday afternoon.New York Mayor Eric Adams told reporters that one person had died and five others were injured as a result of the collapse.“It felt like an earthquake,” Liam Gaeta, a student at nearby Pace University, told US media, adding that he heard “a large noise and a big rumbling, and then we all got evacuated.”The collapse was reportedly captured on the dashboard camera of a car parked elsewhere in the garage, indicating the structure’s failure was incomplete. However, the authenticity of the footage is unclear.Video of the aftermath showed the center of the structure caved in, with numerous automobiles both inside of the collapsed part and clinging to the edges of the structure that adjoined a neighboring building and had not collapsed.

Footage from another structure looking down on the collapsed garage shows piles of cars inside.

The garage is a three-story structure located on the interior of the block, between several buildings, and about two blocks from New York City Hall and the Tweed Courthouse. The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) said it believes multiple people were trapped inside the structure when it collapsed, and it is preparing to rescue them. However, according to news reports, they remain unable to enter the building since it could collapse further.At least one news report, based on the emergency call to FDNY, indicated an explosion was connected with the collapse. However, it was unclear if an explosion was the cause of the collapse or if it was a description of the sound of the collapsing building itself.“Our members have been pulled out because of concerns about the structural stability of the building,” an FDNY spokesperson said. “OPI [Office of Public Integrity] responding. Currently conducting searches to account for everyone.”The city government has put out an alert to residents advising them to avoid the area during their evening commute.


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