On February 29, 2012, in Bryant Park, journalist Matt Taibbi talks to Occupy Wall Street activists about Bank of America and the mortgage crisis.InternationalIndiaAfricaAccording to Twitter’s old investor relations page, the social media site was created “to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Taibbi announced on Twitter that he will be leaving the platform next week in favor of Substack’s new Substack Notes feature.Taibbi said he is leaving the social media site after finding out it had begun limiting tweets that include links to Substack articles. Substack is a platform that enables writers to create free and paid newsletters that are sent directly to rs. Since Taibbi left Rolling Stone magazine, it has been the primary outlet for his articles.Starting in December of last year, Taibbi and several other journalists published the “Twitter Files” exposing government censorship on the platform that occurred before Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased the platform for $44 billion in October.Musk provided the journalists with internal Twitter employee and executive communications that exposed the intelligence community and affiliated NGOs’ attempts to stifle speech on the platform.Despite this connection, Taibbi does not seem interested in staying on the platform if it cannot be used to share his work.