/ Go to the mediabankA bulletproof vest and a walkie-talkie of an FSB agent / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaOn April 2, an explosive device went off in a St. Petersburg cafe, killing Russian military reporter Vladlen Tatarsky and injuring 33 people.Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said that the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg cafe was organized by special services of Ukraine and their agents.”The Russian Federal Security Bureau, together with the Investigative Committee and police authorities, established that the terrorist attack on 2 April 2023 in St Petersburg, which killed military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky and injured more than 50 other people was organized by the Ukrainian special services and their agents, including from among Russian opposition members hiding abroad,” the FSB said.Daria Trepova carried out the terrorist attack in St Petersburg that killed military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, after calls from the leadership of the Anti-Corruption Foundation* (FBK) for subversion, Russia’s Federal Security Service said on Thursday.”After the start of the special military operation, the leaders of the FBK Leonid Volkov and Ivan Zhdanov have repeatedly stated the need to conduct subversive activities in Russia in order to change the constitutional order ‘by any available means’ … As a result, on April 2, Daria Trepova committed the terrorist attack,” the FSB said in a statement.The FSB has named the second direct participant in the preparation of the attack as a member of a Ukrainian subversive and terrorist group, Ukrainian citizen Yuriy Denisov, who handed Trepova the explosive device via express delivery.RussiaTrepova Charged With Committing Terrorist Attack That Killed Vladlen Tatarsky4 April, 12:40 GMTOn April 2, an unidentified explosive device had gone off in a cafe in the center of St. Petersburg. As a result of the incident, Tatarsky, also known as Maxim Fomin, had been killed and 33 people had been injured. Moscow’s Basmanny District Court ruled that Daria Trepova, who has been charged with planning the terrorist attack, should be arrested for two months. Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee stated that special services of Ukraine and the supporters of the Anti-Corruption Foundation planned the attack.*an organization recognized as a foreign agent and banned in Russia


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