A column of smoke rises behind buildings near the airport area in Khartoum on April 19, 2023, amid fighting between the army and paramilitaries following the collapse of a 24-hour truce. InternationalIndiaAfricaDozens of people were stuck inside the campus of the University of Khartoum since clashes broke out in the Sudanese capital over the weekend. While some were able to leave the campus on their own on Tuesday, others were freed later by the Sudanese army. Sudanese student Omer Alfarouq Abulqaseem has narrated to Sputnik details about the events that took place in the vicinity of the General Command of the Sudanese Army in the capital Khartoum while he was inside the university.Abulqaseem said that he was in a dangerous place because he was close to the General Command building, and at the beginning of the clash there were about 15 people with him who could hear the sound of gunfire.

The indiscriminate bullets were heavy and the movement was very dangerous, and I decided to take risks to bring breakfast to people from outside the Faculty of Engineering.

Omer Alfarouq AbulqaseemSudanese student “During my exit, I contacted a person on the phone so that he would monitor my movement and inform my colleagues of my location if I was subjected to harm, indicating that he had met with members of the army, and when he told them that he was a student, they told him to move quickly away from the place,” he said.The Sudanese student also explained how he retrieved the body of one of his colleagues from a dangerous street witnessing clashes, and how those trapped tried to find a solution as to what to do with the corpse so that the body would not be exposed to rot, indicating that an agreement had been reached that their colleague be buried inside the university.AfricaUN to Evacuate Staff From Sudan as EU Ambassador Assaulted in Home17 April, 21:22 GMTRegarding the dangers they were exposed to, he said that a group of young people risked themselves and left the university, and after that an announcement was issued that the students of the University of Khartoum had been evacuated, indicating that this announcement made the rest realize that they could be subjected to random gunfire after that.Abulqaseem said that afterwards, he was able to leave and met army soldiers, telling them that he was a student and that there were other students who needed to leave the university, indicating that they cooperated with him greatly.


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