/ Go to the mediabankWriter Leo Tolstoy / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Leo Tolstoy International Peace Prize, which was established in June 2022, will be awarded for activities aimed at promoting peace and international cooperation, among others.The Leo Tolstoy International Peace Prize Foundation board of trustees decided to accept proposals and applications for candidates for the prize from April 12 to June 12, it announced on April 11.The Leo Tolstoy International Peace Prize will be awarded for the first time this year before becoming an annual event.Named after the great Russian author, the international prize will be awarded for outstanding achievements at ensuring universal and equal security based on the rule of international law, preventing a nuclear catastrophe, building a multipolar and non-violent world, as well as other significant achievements leading to the strengthening of mutual understanding, trust, peace and cooperation among peoples.

Individuals and initiative groups, national and international public foundations, organizations and movements, as well as scientific and research centers, educational institutions will all be eligible to win the award.

The laureates will be awarded a diploma, a gold medal with the image of Leo Tolstoy and the monetary part of the prize. An international jury, which includes public and political figures and writers, and representatives of culture, science and business circles from Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, will determine the winners.


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