IL-20InternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Danish and Swedish scrambled fighter jets to escort Russian military aircraft IL-20 transiting over the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Danish islands of Zealand and Bornholm, the Danish air force said on Friday. “Thursday afternoon the Danish and Swedish Quick Reaction Alert jets a Russian military aircraft in the airspace over the Baltic Sea. This is the first time that Denmark and Sweden have worked together in this way,” the statement said. The Danish air force added that Russian military planes regularly patrol the Baltic Sea, and their flight patterns often cause Denmark or its neighboring countries to scramble military planes. MilitaryRussian Su-27 Fighter Escorts German Patrol Plane Over Baltic Sea12 April, 17:17 GMT”What made the mission special was that the collaboration was planned in advance,” the statement read.

The Russian Defense Ministry repeatedly stated that Russia's aircraft carry out flights in strict accordance with the international rules for using airspace above neutral waters without crossing air lines and dangerously approaching foreign aircraft.

The IL-20 is a Russian electronic signals intelligence military aircraft (NATO code name Coot-A), a variant of the turboprop airliner Il-18.


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