Biden’s Wall of SafetyInternationalIndiaAfricaUS President Joe Biden reportedly ordered a security fence around his $2.7 million vacation house in Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach that is allegedly being paid for by taxpayers. Incidentally, the sitting president is spending this weekend at the opulent vacation residence.No, the Biden administration is not building a controversial wall at the US southern border. In fact, it just borrowed a small amount from citizens’ taxes to cut off the 79-year-old president from the world, or the world from him.Biden has approved spending half a million dollars of US tax money to build a fence to defend his Rehoboth Beach house.The Department of Homeland Security reportedly awarded a $456,548 contract to Turnstone Holdings LLC in September 2021 as illegal border crossings at the US-Mexico border reached their highest levels. The contract was for the “Purchase and installation of security fencing at 32 Farview, Rehoboth Delaware.”Later, however, the contract’s value climbed and is now $490,324 – up $34,000 from a year ago. The contract did not state the reason for the rise, but according to reports, it increased by $6,844 on November 30, 2021, because of a “supplemental agreement,” and by $26,933 on June 8, 2022, because of “additional work.” Of course, the president of a superpower must be guarded and guarded well. And the fencing seems like a logical solution, given Biden’s vacation house is situated in “a lively beach town that sees a flood of tourists every summer.”But given the crises that have befallen his cabinet, be it inflation, rising energy prices, or disrupted supply chains, does Biden need to spend public money on a fence for himself when the US is already spending hundreds of millions of budget funds to places like Ukraine?


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