/ Go to the mediabankU.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaWASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The approval rating of US President Joe Biden remains negative in 40 states, a new Morning Consult poll revealed on Monday. “Biden’s net approval rating — the share of voters who approve minus the share who disapprove — is underwater in 40 states, according to Morning Consult Political Intelligence quarterly tracking,” the poll said. The latest survey, conducted between January 1- March 31, showed a slight improvement from the fourth quarter of 2022 when Biden’s approval rating was negative in 42 states, it added. Biden’s support remains strong in such states as California, Hawaii, Maryland, and Vermont, where most people are traditionally voting for Democrats. However, at least 7 in 10 voters disapproved of his job performance in West Virginia, North Dakota, and Wyoming. RussiaPolls Show Trust in President Putin Stands at Almost 80% in Russia17 February, 12:54 GMT“In Illinois, where Democrats plan to host their national convention next year, voters are evenly split on Biden’s job performance,” the poll said. The President’s rating remains low in many battleground states, where Democrats are competing with their Republican rivals, according to the survey. WorldNetanyahu’s Approval Rating Down to 28% Amid Judicial Fight: Poll10 April, 13:00 GMT“Among the competitive states, Biden performs worst among Democratic voters in Maine (77%), Colorado (78%), and Pennsylvania (78%), the latter of which proved critical to his 2020 electoral victory. He gets the best marks from his party’s voters in Wisconsin (86%), New Hampshire (84%), and Georgia (84%),” it said. Independent voters in two battleground states, Arizona and Michigan, expressed less support for Biden: they’re 36 points more likely to disapprove than approve of his job performance. “Only 29% of independents in either state give him positive marks,” the poll said. WorldMacron’s Approval Rating Drops to Record Low of 28% Amid Pension Reform: Poll19 March, 16:47 GMTThe survey was conducted among representative samples of at least 1,354 registered voters in each state, with margins of error of +/-1 to 3 percentage points.


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