China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin speaks during the daily briefing in Beijing, June 11, 2021. InternationalIndiaAfricaBEIJING (Sputnik) – The G7 nations are criticizing other countries’ nuclear policy, while themselves undermining the international system of nuclear disarmament and trust of the global community, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday. “The G7, considering itself a judge, is arbitrarily assessing other countries’ policy of strategic security and arms control, while, at the same time, it constantly undermines the international system of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, so it does not deserve the trust of the international community,” Wang told a press conference. The diplomat added that China has been always committed to a nuclear self-defense strategy and no first use nuclear policy. EconomyKremlin: G7’s Oil Price Cap Does Not Exist in Practice7 March, 11:34 GMTEarlier in the day, the top diplomats of the G7 called for China’s engagement in strategic risk reduction discussions with the United States amid alleged expansion of the country’s nuclear arsenal. Earlier in April, China together with France reaffirmed their commitment to a balanced promotion of the three pillars of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty — nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation and the peaceful use of nuclear energy — after the talks between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron.


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