When a car enthusiast faces the question of purchasing a good car, he goes to a car auction in Europe, where he can buy an almost new original car in perfect condition or with minor damage after an accident.

Buying a car from auctions in Europe – what is the benefit?

When it comes to value, there are two questions to consider: Is it worth it to buy a car in Europe at auction in terms of the price of the car? Is this purchase worth the effort and time spent on it? When buying a used car in one of the EU countries, you still need to competently resolve all legal, technical and organizational issues related to transporting a car to the UAE, customs clearance and local certification.

In practice, despite all the difficulties and troubles, buying a car from European online auctions is still profitable, and today several million car enthusiasts in the UAE have taken advantage of this opportunity. Reasons for the popularity of cars from Europe:

1. The best condition of cars

Of course, you should not count on the fact that absolutely all European cars will be in perfect condition. On sale there are leasing cars and with test drives of official dealers. However, if we take average indicators, then the European market offers the best product by far.
This is due to the high level of control by insurance companies and authorities and the high level of responsibility of car owners for the operation and condition of vehicles.

2. Exclusive car assembly

When buying a European-made car in Europe (for example, a beloved and reliable Mercedes in Germany), you can be sure that this car will be impeccable in terms of the quality of components and assembly, because it is made from German production. Assembly line.

3. Preservation

Finally, material goods. Of course, we are not talking about saving half the cost of the car, as some dealers promise. However, when buying a used car from an auction in Europe, taking into account the costs of paperwork, distillation, customs clearance and registration in the UAE, you can save 10% of the cost of a similar car in the domestic market, and this depends on the class of the car. And if you use the Euauservice service, the amount of savings can be up to 40%.
Today car auctions in Europe offer a large selection of cars from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania and other countries. And these are not only auctions of broken cars, there are many leasing sites in Europe where cars in excellent technical condition are sold.

Germany is one of the most popular suppliers of used cars to the Arab market. This is because Germany is home to many of the biggest manufacturers in the global automotive market such as BMW, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

Buying a car from Europe with European Auction Car Service.

By ordering the delivery of a car from Europe through Euauservice, you will save money, time and nerves. We provide:

– access to any car auction in Europe;
– assistance in finding a car that 100% meets your needs;
– full legal support, both in the UAE and in Europe;
– checking the technical condition of the car on the territory of the seller;
– delivery of a car across the border to any city;
– assistance in obtaining a local certificate and registration.
Euauservice experts will quickly deliver the car of your dreams directly to your home.

Below you can find the official contacts of the European Auction Car Service:


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